construction panel with a healthy mission



Construction panel with a healthy mission

Economical use of raw materials, CO2-reducing emissions and producing as little waste as possible: together we face a major social task. Because the throwaway society has become unsustainable. We are also looking for solutions in interior and furniture construction. One of these is Greengridz®; a responsible and circular construction panel. Greengridz® stands for less material, less CO2-emissions and less waste.

Valuable raw materials turn into waste because the materials cannot be reused again. Waste is incinerated and ends up underground and in our oceans. This creates toxic substances and we bring CO2-damage to our living environment. Environmental pollution, climate change and resource depletion are the result.

Less material, less CO2-emissions and less waste

The advantages of Greengridz®:

Less material A patented grid system provides a lightweight construction. Depending on the thickness of the Greengridz® 60-90% less raw materials are required than traditional solid furniture panels.

Less CO2 The CO2 emissions during production and transport are even 60% lower than, for example, with plywood. Because of the light weight, less fuel is used during transport, while 50% more volume can be transported.

Less waste Less material also means less waste. Because the panel consists of various upcycled residual flows of natural cellulose fibers, it is biodegradable. On the waste management standard, the Lansin's R ladderk, the lightweight construction panel scores at the highest level. Refuse, simply because more material is no longer needed to make a strong furniture construction.
But Greengridz® strives for 100% waste-free. That is why we make new ones from old panels. This reuse completes the circle. Circular means no waste!

Healthy Greengridz® is CARB2 certified, which means that it is a safe product for the living environment. This means it meets the highest requirements when it comes to volatile organic compounds (VOC) such as formaldehyde. The construction panel thus makes an important contribution to a healthy working and living environment.


Worktops made of Greengridz® are more durable than plywood and chipboard and have better quality properties.

Green choice

Greengridz® is biodegradable, can be 100% reused and has a small ecological footprint. And there are even more green benefits!


Greengridz® is suitable for new construction, renovations and interior design.


Greengridz® awards.


Kitchen tops, desk and table tops, furniture panels, walls : nothing as versatile as Greengridz®. Especially because it can be finished in different materials and colors.


A sustainable future is being built together with reliable partners.

Properties of Greengridz®

The basis of a firm grid

Greengridz® is an ultra-light material. It consists of a grid bonded with environmentally friendly PVAc D3 adhesives. This creates a particularly strong sheet material that is available in various thicknesses.

Thanks to this patented grid system, the construction panel is stronger and more rigid than any solid panel. It does not bend, so that long structures for furniture and building applications can be easily realized. The panel is 100% flat. That perfect finish provides an incomparably sleek appearance.

Material properties of Greengridz®

Worktops made of Greengridz® are more durable than plywood and chipboard and have better quality properties.

  • more resistant to impact
  • more resistant to water
  • more stable and lighter
Sustainable customization
  • maximum dimensions: 5100 mm x 600 mm and 4000 x 1200 mm
  • thickness: 19 to 160 mm
  • weight at 38 mm: 8 kg / m²

Applications in the interior

Circular (work) tops

Greengridz® is the material for a healthy environment, sustainable furniture and circular constructions for the interior.

Durable solution for countless applications

The lightweight construction panel is suitable for many applications. Think of worktops, furniture and furniture panels (desks, table tops, cabinets), acoustic screens, doors, wall systems, thick floors, signage, stands for trade fairs, shop fittings and interior decoration. Bearings, carriers, top and bottom plate: they can be made in different thicknesses and heights. There is also plenty of choice in color.

Colors and finishes

The panel can be finished with various materials, including TopLaminate, DecorTop and Fenix. TopLaminate is an HPL that is available in many colors. DecorTop is a thick HPL with a deeper structure, giving it a natural look of wood or stone. The ultra-matt Fenix is a true design statement by the beautiful intense colors. An eye-catcher in the interior! In this way, with Greengridz® every interior becomes sustainable and stylish.

The advantages of Greengridz®

The Dutch government's ambition is to achieve fully circular production by 2050. Greengridz® is fully in line with that development. We continue to innovate around Greengridz® suitable for even more applications, and continue to look for new recyclable materials that can be used for the construction panel.

Environmentally friendly production

The HDF panels, which are made from sustainably grown wood, form the basis for the grid system. These panels are free of added formaldehyde (CARB2 certified). They are bonded together with environmentally friendly PVAc D3 glue. The environmental impact of the production of a Greengridz® panel is all in all minimal. Both due to the relatively small amount of material per panel, and due to the minimal CO2 emissions during the process.

Reuse of raw materials

If the Greengridz® panel is no longer in use, it can be returned to the factory, where it is pulverized. This material is converted into high-quality carbon by means of pyrolysis, which in turn is used for the production of water filters and air filters. This completes the circle. Look at it circular process in our graphic.

All green benefits together

Greengridz® proves that practical use and design go very well together with environmental friendliness. The innovative, stable material has a smaller carbon footprint than plywood and chipboard, which is normally used for furniture and kitchen worktops. We list all green benefits:


Due to the environmentally friendly PVAc B3 glue, Greengridz® panel is completely biodegradable!

100% recyclable

Greengridz® can be 100% reused.

Small ecological footprint

The production of Greengridz® requires less raw materials compared to traditional sheet materials. That makes its ecological footprint relatively small.

Less CO2 emissions

Because the lightweight Greengridz®panel, less fuel is required during transport and the CO2 emissions are further reduced. The CO2 emissions from production are even 60% lower than plywood. One of these is KEMA chain analysis made. The data is converted to an amount of CO2 emissions for a predetermined format.

FSC® quality mark

The wood for the required HDF panels comes from responsibly managed forests in Ireland. It is harvested while preserving the habitat of plants and animals. The FSC certificate is the guarantee for this.


Greengridz® meets the strict standards for compounded wood products, as set by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). This means that the emission of formaldehyde is well within the limits (that is: less than 0.08 ppm). Greengridz® is one of the first sheet materials to meet these high requirements.

Nordic Swan-certified

Nordic Swan Ecolabel is an environmental label that sets strict environmental requirements in all relevant phases of a product's life cycle. There are also strict requirements for the chemicals used in the products. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is an eco-labelling for the Scandinavian countries in particular, but is increasingly being requested in other countries as well. The aim of the quality mark is to reduce the impact of production and consumption of goods on the environment.

Greengridz® CO2-emission vs plywood

BREEAM & LEED certified

Suitable for new construction, renovations and interior design

Greengridz® is extremely suitable for new construction or large renovation projects of non-residential or residential construction, and for furnishing interior spaces.

Greengridz® for sustainable BREEAM projects

BREEAM-NL New Construction and Renovation is the hallmark of new construction projects and large-scale renovations in the Netherlands. With BREEAM-NL New Construction and Renovation, buildings are assessed on nine different sustainability aspects: management, health, energy, transport, water, materials, waste, land use and ecology and pollution. More and more developers, investors, real estate owners and also end users see the benefits of a BREEAM-NL certificate. BREEAM-NL New Construction and Renovation is available for offices, retail, schools, industrial buildings, homes, meeting and accommodation functions and data centers.

BREAAM certification

The diagram indicates on which Greengridz® scores with the BREEAM certification. The BREEAM certification contains two categories, in which a maximum of 14 points can be obtained.
The table shows how Greengridz® promotes a healthy living and residential climate, and how it stimulates the use of responsible materials with a low environmental impact and a low replacement frequency.
The table is based on the certification method BREEAMNL New construction and renovation.

Greengridz® for sustainable LEED projects

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an assessment method developed in America to determine the sustainability performance of buildings. LEED does not have a version specifically developed for the Dutch market and is therefore particularly interesting for large multinationals that want to unambiguously compare their real estate worldwide. With LEED it is possible to certify, for example, new construction, renovations, existing buildings and areas. Each of the certificates works with its own points and weightings, but the process is the same for all. The variants of new and existing buildings are most common in the Netherlands. Various scores are achievable within LEED. The scores are expressed in terms Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

LEED certification

The diagram indicates on which Greengridz® scores with the BREEAM certification. The BREEAM certification contains two categories, in which a maximum of 14 points can be obtained. This table is based on the LEED certification methodology 'LEED v4 for Building Design & Construction' and 'LEED v4 for Interior Design & Construction'. The table shows how Greengridz® promotes a healthy living and residential climate, and how it stimulates the use of responsible materials with a low environmental impact and a low replacement frequency.

Leed certification path

Underlying evidence is available on request and is handed over to the LEED expert during the LEED certification process.

Greengridz® partners for office and kitchen

Choose healthy circular constructions for interior projects with Dekker and Triboo

It's a serious problem that valuable raw materials turn into worthless waste and damage our living environment. No organization can solve this alone. That is why we do it together. Building a better future with reliable partners? Dekker Zevenhuizen and Triboo guarantee the careful processing of Greengridz® to a high-quality finished panel. For purchase of the unfinished plate material is supplied by Greenmarking. As a market leader and specialist in custom worktops, the family business Dekker Zevenhuizen has been supplying thousands of sheets every day to business customers in the kitchen industry for many years. Triboo turns 'worthless' waste into 'valuable' circular office furnishings and thinks along about sustainable solutions for every interior project.

Kitchen worktop

Dekker Zevenhuizen supplies Greengridz® kitchen worktops to the kitchen specialist. Find dealers with the dealer locator or contact Dekker Zevenhuizen:

Phone: +31 (0)180 63 76 37

About Dekker Zevenhuizen

Dekker Zevenhuizen is an original family owned business, for which Corporate Social Responsibility is a matter of course. The focus is therefore on meeting today's demand without jeopardizing the needs of future generations. This goes beyond caring for the environment; Dekker also has an eye for long-term social and economic factors. This loyalty to the future is expressed at Dekker Zevenhuizen in the design of the production process, and in the interaction with the personnel, the trading chain and the immediate environment. 'Just do it' is the motto.

Dekker Zevenhuizen already signed the CSR Netherlands manifesto in 2010. Since then, all business decisions have been aimed at a careful balance between People, Planet and Prosperity. Materials of the future are crucial in this; the search for and application of sustainable and circular materials is anchored in the business strategy. The production of Greengridz® is an important example of this.

Office furnishing

Triboo furnish offices in a healthy and circular way with a low CO2 footprint. She develops, designs and makes circular furniture made from waste. In addition, Triboo supplies worktops for desks and tables to the furniture producing and processing industry.

Phone: +31 (0)85 02 50 063

About Triboo

Triboo turns 'worthless' waste into 'valuable' circular office design and ensures that raw materials are never lost again. That is the future of our waste. Triboo also sets revolutionary innovations in motion to make maximum impact.

Everything needed to furnish an office in a healthy, circular and with a low CO2 footprint is provided by Triboo. The identity of the organization is the starting point for the design, production and delivery. The circular economy and waste-free society are made visible to everyone in the interior in a high-profile way.

The three core activities are: 1. furnishing offices 2. supplying circular products and 3. developing customer-specific products made from waste. In addition, we provide all services that are appropriate for good maintenance, furniture management and logistics.

Triboo makes its innovative techniques and production facilities available to make the products of the future now. In this way they make the steps towards a new world together.

A world that consists of beautiful companies, healthy environments and passionate people.


The impact of Triboo will not remain unseen. They have, among other things Rising Star at the European Business Awards for the Environment and a nomination for Koning Willem 1 Plaque and have been named Leader in sustainability.

Raw Greengridz® panels

Raw Greengridz® panels for projects are supplied by Greenmarking.



Greengridz® is conquering more and more ground in Europe. Greengridz® panels are used in Italy, Denmark, Belgium and Germany.

Would you also like to offer Greengridz® to your customers? Please contact Maciej Bodziony via or +48 (0)66 66 85 775.


Awards for Greengridz®

Since its introduction in 2010, Greengridz® has several quality marks and honors.

CSR Foundation

In 2020 Greengridz® in the durable Hall of Fame of the MVO Foundation included.

2015 National Innovation and Sustainability Award for the Interior

In 2015 Greengridz® received the National Innovation and Sustainability Prize for Housing from Voorlichtingsbureau Wonen.